Ridenour Clarinet Products Holiday Season Sale

After much debate we've decided to have a Holiday sale as part of the introduction of our overhauled clarinet line. The sale will run through Thursday January 6th. 

The websites store is not setup with these sale prices. To take advantage of them you'll need to email or call.

*Aurea Bb , Aurea ALibertas II Bb , Libertas II A - $200 discount 

* Lyrique 576bc Bb Clarinet- $125 discount

*Lyrique 925CS Low C Bass- $200 discount

*Lyrique 925E Low Eb Bass- $150 discount

*All accessories including ATG system, Books, Educational DVD's, Thumb Saddles- 15% discount

For any customer who has purchased one of our clarinets in the last six months we are offering a transferable credit for the discount you would have received if you had ordered the clarinet under these sale prices. You can use the credit on another clarinet, give it to a student, friend, or colleague, or even sell it to them. To get your credit just contact us and Ted will send you the information so that you can redeem or transfer your credit.

Email: sales@ridenourclarinetproducts.com

Toll Free Number: 1-888-258-7845

Cellphone for international customers: 469-394-3245