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Artist Clarinet Repair and Acoustical Customizing 

Besides sales of our own custom designed and prepared clarinets RCP offers artist clarinet repair and acoustical customizing of clarinets, regardless of their brand.

Mechanical Customization

For any and all issues regarding the clarinets mechanism up to and including full overhauls please contact Walt Ringleb of "Ringleb Winds". Walt is the only person Tom trusts to assist him in preparing clarinets as he is both an excellent repair tech and clarinetist.

Walts bio:


Phone: 817-307-4771

Acoustical Customization

For any acoustical adjustments please contact Ridenour Clarinet Products directly.



Customers in the United States (toll free): 1-888-258-7845

Customers outside the United States: 469-394-3245

Please call us, toll free in the US, for a personal consultation.


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