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Lyrique 925CS Low C Bass Clarinet

We are proud to offer our new Lyrique 925CS Low C Bb Bass Clarinet

As good as our previous model was, this bass offers a new, higher level of musical and mechanical refinement and elegance. The keys are treated so that silver plating, something previously thought impossible with hard rubber clarinets, is now possible. The key work is beautifully done and provides the player with an excellent, facile, and fluid mechanism. 

As good as the mechanism is the 925CS's best feature is the gorgeous, resonant, and beautifully focused, even sound, the excellent scale, and the fluid, even response. All are extremely high quality in every respect except the price. What's more, this is a bass that, like all our clarinets, will remain dimensionally stable year after year, will not crack, and, under normal use and care, will last a lifetime.We haven't seen all that is out there, but this may be the very best musical instrument bargain presently available anywhere.

The Case

The 925CS comes in a top quality case featuring a soft velvet like interior, very high quality zipper, a large exterior pocket for sheet music and other accessories, backpack straps, and an attachable should strap. However the most important feature is how tightly the cradles hold the joints. If the joints are able to move around inside the case the bass will regularly end up out of adjustment and in the repair shop. The 925CS's case secures the joints very well all but ensuring that your bass stays well in adjustment.

bass case photo.jpg

Package 1: Lyrique 925CS Low C Bass Clarinet with T-54 midline mouthpiece- $2850
Package 2
Lyrique 925CS Low C Bass Clarinet with Professional mouthpiece - $2950
Package 3: Lyrique 925CS Low C Bass Clarinet with no mouthpiece- $2835
Shipping and handling is a flat $45 anywhere in the lower 48 states. Customers outside the United States should contact us for a shipping quote at

Can't afford to pay all at once? Click here to learn about our flexible 0% financing program.

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