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The new Libertas II Bb Clarinet featuring an improved mechanism, improved acoustics and silver plating is now available! Email or call today to set up a trial and lock in the current price of $1750 without a mouthpiece and $1845 with a professional mouthpiece. Just email or call and we'll get a clarinet, or maybe a set of them as the matching A is fantastic as well, ready for you promptly.

Toll Free Number for customers in the United States: 1-888-258-7845   
Phone (international customers): 469-394-3245

Tom Ridenour demonstrates the Libertas II Bb Clarinet playing several "Rose Etudes". 


The Lyrique Libertas II Bb clarinet

The Lyrique Libertas II is the clarinet I've hoped to make for over a decade now, a clarinet that possesses many of the same playing and acoustical characteristics of the Opus/Concerto clarinets I designed in the 1990s...but with a big difference: these clarinets play better than any clarinets, wood or hard rubber, I've ever played, and of course, they won't crack and break your heart.


Another feature that clarinetists will find exciting is the price:  The Lyrique Libertas II costs a fraction of the price of top line wood clarinets!! I believe this clarinet can change the way many people think about clarinets.


The Lyrique Libertas is a clarinet for those who would prefer more freedom, flexibility, lower-register resonance, and color variability than the Lyrique 576.



The Lyrique Libertas comes with two barrels, swab, cork grease and a beautiful case. The Libertas can be ordered with the Ridenour RE-5, or one of the Ridenour Professional mouthpieces, or none at all.







Ridenour Lyrique Libertas, $1,750.00,


with professional mouthpiece, $1845.00.

Set of Libertas II Clarinets, A & Bb in Protec Double Case

is $3495.00 with $40 shipping


If you are located outside the United States shipping and handling will vary so please contact us, or call at 469-394-3245, for a shipping quote and additional information.

Read the independent review of Lyrique Libertas

by professional clarinetist Josh Jöhnson

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