The Lyrique Libertas II A clarinet has been redesigned to make what was previously an outstanding instrument even better, both acoustically and mechanically. As of June 2021 the Lyrique A now features silver plating, inline trill keys, and comes in a fantastic Protec double case.


The Lyrique A will amaze you at how securely and evenly it responds and effortlessly it plays in tune.

However its real virtue lies in the the velvety warmth of tone that can be played at virtually canon-like volume levels without loss of quality. Yet, it is secure with no upper register "grunts" at whisper dynamic levels. Those who have to switch from Bb to A clarinet will appreciate how well the Lyrique A and Bb clarinets match in resistance. The common reaction of players is "this clarinet plays and sounds like I always imagined the A clarinet ought to play and sound!"


Speaking of blowing resistance, the normally stuffy right hand clarion tones common to many popular brands of A clarinets is a thing of the past with the Lyrique A. All the right hand clarion tones, especially the Bell B, respond quickly with a clear, resonant, liquid tone quality.


The upper clarion tones are not only full, round and stable in dynamic changes, but, as we have already noted, they have none of the "grunt," upper clarion "undertoning" problems so common to many A clarinets on today's market. In addition, the transition from the second to the third register is seamless, virtually eliminating embouchure/air pressure exchange and half-holing needed to secure response on other A clarinet models. Try playing "The Pines of Rome" solos on this A and you'll get all the wide intervals with a security and ease you never dreamed possible...and in tune!


Finally, there is the critical matter of tonal stability in dynamic changes. When you play the Lyrique A clarinet in the upper register and push the dynamic level the sound gets louder without spreading in shape, sagging in pitch and brightening in colour. Relax your embouchure and increase your air to get an even fuller dynamic and note how well the pitch, colour and shape hold together.


This should be no surprise, since evenness of resistance and stability of pitch, colour and shape in dynamic changes are common characteristics of clarinets designed by Tom Ridenour. This combination of features make the Ridenour Lyrique A clarinet arguably the best and most secure phrasing A clarinet available anywhere at any price! You'll find clarinets that cost two and three times more that don't deliver the performance goods of the Ridenour Lyrique A clarinet. Altogether the Lyrique A is a real find for someone who needs an outstanding A clarinet but can't pay the high price demanded by many well known makers.


It's really a no-brainer––why pay more money for less clarinet, when you can get more clarinet for less money?


The new Libertas II Bb Clarinet featuring an improved mechanism, improved acoustics and silver plating is now available! Email or call today to set up a trial and lock in the current price of $1750 without a mouthpiece and $1845 with a professional mouthpiece. Just email or call and we'll get a clarinet, or maybe a set of them as the matching A is fantastic as well, ready for you promptly.


The Lyrique Libertas II is the clarinet I've hoped to make for over a decade now, a clarinet that possesses many of the same playing and acoustical characteristics of the Opus/Concerto clarinets I designed in the 1990s...but with a big difference: these clarinets play better than any clarinets, wood or hard rubber, I've ever played, and of course, they won't crack and break your heart.


Another feature that clarinetists will find exciting is the price:  The Lyrique Libertas II costs a fraction of the price of top line wood clarinets!! I believe this clarinet can change the way many people think about clarinets.


The Lyrique Libertas is a clarinet for those who would prefer more freedom, flexibility, lower-register resonance, and color variability than the Lyrique 576.

Set of Libertas II Clarinets, A & Bb in Protec Double Case

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