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The Ridenour Thumb Saddle

Ordinary thumb rests, whether adjustable or not cause the thumb and the fingers to close in "pinch-like" fashion to the degree that the fingers are almost forced to straighten.


Straight fingers have two negative effects on clarinet technique: they cause wasted finger motion and, most importantly, they cause tension to spread throughout the whole hand. This slows the finger technique and reduces endurance and can be the source of many medical problems.


The Ridenour Thumb Saddle is the simple solution to this frustrating dilemma.  It simply slips on and off of the thumb rest like any commercially available thumb cushion.


But unlike standard thumb cushions or adjustable thumb rests which displace the thumb to the degree that throws the hand out of balance, The Ridenour Thumb Saddle eliminates the "pinch" tension between the thumb and fingers by simply opening the hand up.


The increased openness promotes the needed relaxation without throwing the thumb and fingers out of balance. The curved fingers promote a much more efficient finger motion and increased endurance due to the absence of tension.


The Ridenour Thumb Saddle is the right hand solution that feels great, works great and looks great! You'll never play the clarinet again without it!

The Ridenour Thumb Saddle is $12.95 plus $3.50 shipping in contiguous US

Texas residents please add 8.25% state sales tax

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