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Basics of our Financing Plans

*All financing plans are worked out on an individual basis. Call us and I'm sure we can work out a plan

*0% interest rate on all plans

*Financing plans typically involve a down payment of roughly 1/3rd of the clarinet(s) total cost.

*The remaining balance owed after the down payment can be broken up over as many as nine months. We generally don't go beyond nine months but as all plans are worked out on an individual basis I encourage everyone to call and we'll do our best to make owning a Lyrique clarinet affordable.

Examples of Financing Plans


*Lyrique Libertas II with professional mouthpiece- $1875

*Shipping and Handling- $30

Down payment (due before clarinet ships)- $550 + $30 = $580

Total being financed; $1325.

Monthly payment options;

3 monthly payments of $441.67

6 monthly payments of $220.84

9 monthly payments of $147.23


*Lyrique 925Cs Silver plated Low C Bass with Pro mouthpiece- $2950

*Shipping and Handling- $45

Down payment- $1000 + $45 = $1045

Total being financed; $1950

3 monthly payments of $650

6 monthly payments of $325

9 monthly payments of $216.67

Obviously you're welcome to make a larger down payment and as it's 0% financing there is absolutely no penalty for paying off the balance early.


Our Philosophy on Pricing

Our goal is to make owning a professional quality clarinet affordable for as many as  players as possible. In the past 40 years clarinets have sky rocketed. I've talked to countless parents over the years who's son or daughter has shown talent as a musician and have demonstrated an excellent work ethic. Despite this many of these same parents have told me that they secretly hope their child will quit the clarinet because the instruments their being told they have to purchase are something they simply cannot afford. It's a sad conversation to have and unfortunately I've had it many times.

Because of that we're committed to keeping our prices low by keeping our fixed costs low. Tom's article "The More It Costs The Better It Plays" goes in depth discussing why clarinets cost what they cost. We've always strived to be different by making our clarinets as affordable as possible.

We feel fortunate to be a small independent company, dedicated to personalized service, because it allows us flexibility that larger companies don't have. Not just flexibility in respect to service but in financial matters as well. Our commitment is to you; not a set of policies dictated to us by investors or some faceless parent company.

Therefore, if you want to own one of our clarinets but don't have the funds to pay for it in a single, lump sum, please call us, ask to speak with Ted, and I'm certain we'll be able to work out payment terms that will make your dream of owning a great clarinet possible.


Just call us, toll free at 1-888-258-7845 or 469-394-3245 if your located outside of the United States, and let's talk it over.

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