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Tom Ridenour demonstrating the AureA Bb Clarinet

The AureA Bb Clarinet is a refinement of the acoustical designs that Tom produced with Leblanc in the 1990's. By using hard rubber, a stable material which machines to very tight tolerances, the results are an even better acoustic and more consistent clarinet. The AureA features silver keys with gold posts, leather pads, in-line trill keys, and a left hand Ab/Eb key. The AureA will come in a Protec slimline case and every clarinet is personally prepared, which includes adjustments both acoustically and mechanically, by Tom Ridenour.

AureA Bb clarinet- $1845.00 + $25.00 shipping and handling. 

Set of AureA Clarinets, A & Bb in Protec Double Case is $3695.00 with $40.00 shipping.

To set up a trial or speak with us about
flexible 0% financing please email, , or call us on our toll free number 1-888-258-7845. Customers outside the United States can reach us at 469-394-3245.


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