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Abrasive Packets

The basic ATG universal reed finishing kit includes two types of abrasives: 320 wet dry and 400 wet dry. These are high quality abrasives which are easily cleaned and will finish as many as 200 reeds or more before needing replacement.


The two grades of abrasives supplied are optimum for most finishing of commercial reeds. However, once the player becomes more adept at using the system he or she may want to experiment with other grades of abrasives. I personally have four finishing tools and different grades of abrasives in different states of wear installed on them. I do this so I can have a wider variety of choices of abrasives that will enable me to do a more perfect and refined degree of finishing on my reeds with greater ease.


With this in mind we are offering packets of abrasives, with grits ranging from 240, 320, 400 and 600. Please go to the bottom of the page for ordering information.

ATG finishing surfaces and finishing blocks can be purchased separately. 

We also offer complete sets of the finishing tools in a convenient carrying pack. They can be purchased by students whose teachers can help them learn the ATG finishing and testing methods that will ensure they have good reeds the entire time they play the clarinet or saxophone.

Ordering Information for Additional Tools and Supplies

Abrasives come in packets of 4 or 8 abrasives. Cost for a packet of 4 is $5.50. Cost for a packet of 8 is $8.50. Please specify the mix of grits you prefer when placing your order. Shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 will be $2.00, overseas customers should write regarding shipping costs.


If you order by paypal please calculate the total, and note the number of packets you are ordering and how many packets of each abrasive grit you desire.


Additional ATG finishing surfaces can be ordered at a cost of $14.95



Additional ATG finishing blocks with affixing band can be ordered at a cost of $9.50 each.

ATG Tool Kit with carrying case may be ordered separately if you are a student and your teacher can help you learn the ATG finishing and testing methods.


If ordering by paypal please specify the type and number of product(s) you are purchasing.


Texas residents please add 8.25% state sales tax


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