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The origins of Ridenour Clarinet Products go all the way back to 1975 when Tom Ridenour first began offering his clarinet repair, maintenance and acoustical skills to the wider clarinet community. Prior to that Tom had done work only for  himself and his students, with the intention of improving their clarinet equipment so he could teach them better and more effectively. 


Today, Ridenour Clarinet Products markets and sells the clarinets and products Tom has created to clarinetists on every continent except Antarctica--we're working on that.


The goal of Ridenour Clarinet Products is multifaceted. First, RCP wants to provide the best, highest quality, acoustically excellent, hand finished clarinets to clarinetists of all skill levels at amazingly low prices.


How RCP does this, or better said, how  other companies fail to do this, can be found in Tom's article "The More it Costs the Better it Plays----really?", as well as Tom's youtube video entitled, "What put's the Cost in Clarinets?" or you can also check out the educational article "The More it Costs the Better if Plays: Really?" at


Next, RCP strives to provide excellent educational material about the clarinet in the form of free you tube videos, books, such as The Educator's Guide to the Clarinet and Clarinet Fingerings: A guide for the Performer and Educator, DVD instructional sets, such as Tom's repair and maintenance videos, and unique, world famous products, like the ATG Single Reed finishing system, the largest selling reed finishing system in the world.

Our goal in producing clarinets, clarinet accessories, and clarinet education products is to help the clarinetist to understand, play, and teach the clarinet better, gain enough knowledge to make more intelligent equipment choices, and escape being taken in by the hype of paid endorsers who encourage buying extremely expensive, over priced, under performing equipment.


Finally, besides the products we produce we  do our best to provide personalized service, keep our prices low, and make it possible for virtually anyone who wants to own a wonderful clarinet to do so.

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