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Tom Ridenour began making artist mouthpieces in 1979. Since that time his mouthpieces have been played by literally thousands of clarinetists, from many of the world's greatest artists to young clarinetists just beginning to learn the clarinet.


Tom puts all his knowledge and experience into each mouthpiece he finishes. In addition to voicing and detailed hand finishing mouthpieces to a high standard, Ridenour Artist mouthpiece bores are hand reamed and finished with the intention of creating a reed-friendly facing, a free and even response, a tone with a beautiful balance of overtones, and excellent stability in pitch, color, and shape in dynamic changes.


When you purchase a Ridenour Artist mouthpiece you get a mouthpiece that has had the highest level of craftsmanship applied to its every aspect. What many other "makers" stamp and ship we regard as simply crude and unfinished. We begin working on mouthpieces, refining them and bringing them to a high level of performance where others leave off (if they work on them at all).


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Give Ridenour Arist Mouthpieces the "taste test" to hear and feel the difference that real knowlege and craftsmanship can make.

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