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Model RE mouthpieces have medium-large bores, medium-narrow chambers and straighter, flatter baffel than the RZ or RA style mouthpieces.  This chamber style gives the tone both power and concentration and is excellent for band or general playing. The RE plays well in tune  on most clarinets from between 440-442 Hz.


The RE comes in two facings, the RE-5 and RE-10.

The RE-5 is medium close facing and will take medium to medium to medium heavy reed strengths for most players

The RE-10 is a bit more open and usually works best with medium strength reeds.

If order through PayPal please specify which facing style you're ordering.

Here's what a private clarinet teacher has to say about the RE mouthpiece his student recently received:

"My student got the mouthpiece he ordered from you last week. He brought it to our lesson. I tried it and I could not believe how great it played. Okay, sorry about the cliche, but it basically played itself. It left me wondering, if your student mouthpieces play this well, what the heck do your professional mouthpieces do?"

Model RE 5&10............Retail Price $65.95

Texas residents please add 8.25% state sales tax

The T-54 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Meticulously hand faced and voiced with the same skill and care as our professional bass, the T-54 is a breakthrough in price/quality. Besides playing and sounding great the T-54 allows educators to have a great mouthpiece for their beginning and advancing bass clarinets students that does not break the piggy bank if broken---saving many parents from sticker shock when they find their child has accidentally broken a two or three hundred dollar bass mouthpiece–– for which they are liable! Ouch!

No longer does the educator have to choose between risking an expensive hard rubber mouthpiece to give their young bass students a good start or just giving them an inexpensive, machine-made student mouthpiece and hope they don't get discouraged before they advance enough to move up to a better playing and sounding pro mouthpiece.

Model T-54............Retail Price $89.95

Texas residents please add 8.25% state sales tax


Encore clarinet mouthpieces were introduced in 1983 and quickly became a favorite of music educators for their quality, consistence and price.


Encore mouthpieces are, indeed, ideal for beginning player, though professional and advanced players are often amazed at how well they play and sound. Both Encore Bb soprano and Bb Bass mouthpieces are hand finished with a medium facing. The playing qualities of the Encore make it one of the music industry's most outstanding values.


Here's what a few of hundreds of Encore customers have to say:

A band director and clarinetist from Southern California writes:

"I feel the Encore is the best student clarinet mouthpiece on the market today at any price. However, the price is so attractive I have very little trouble convincing students and parents alike to invest in the upgrade. It has made an incredible improvement in the pitch, focus and blend of our section regardless of what brand of instrument students are playing so long as they are free of leaks and properly adjusted."


Encore Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece..............Retail $42.95



Encore Bass Clarinet Mpc......................Retail $64.95


Texas residents please add 8.25% state sales tax

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