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Ridenour Hard Rubber Ivorolon Clarinet Barrel Characteristics

Compared to Grenadilla most players find Ivorolon barrels to be darker, more resonant and tonally stable than Grenadilla wood, while at the same time producing a more responsive tone with greater clarity. Ivorlon Barrels are available in lengths of 64, 65, and 66mm's. 

Stability and Logistical Advantages

The advantages don't stop with the superior playing characteristics of the Ivorolon barrels. Unlike Grenadilla, or any other wood, which can fluctuate in bore dimensions as much as 5 to 7 thousandths due to extreme temperatures and changes in humidity and barometric pressure, Ridenour Ivorolon barrels remain dimensionally stable year round and are unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity.. This means greater performance consistency since performance characteristics of wood barrels can fluctuate dramatically and even deteriorate irreversibly due to changes caused by temperature and humidity.

Ivorolon Tenon Rings

The durable and innovative Ivorolon tenon rings not only add elegance and uniqueness to the look of the barrel but they also facilitate greater responsiveness and resonance than metal rings which, by comparison, dampen and slow resonance, slow as well as adding unnecessary weight to the clarinet.

The Bottom Line

So, with the new Ridenour Ivorolon Bb clarinets barrels you can have all the things you want in tone, tuning and response and none of the things you don't want such as dimensional instability, loose rings, and cracking. This means the Ivorolon barrels will give you
years and years of consistent playing satisfaction!

Ivorolon Clarinet Barrel

  • If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the items you're ordering, please reach out to us by email ( or by phone at 1(888)258-7845. If you're outside of the U.S., please call (469)394-3245.

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