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BASIC CLARINET  MAINTENANCE provides you with all you need to know to maintain your clarinet

and keep it in optimum condition between repair jobs.

BASIC CLARINET REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE provides you with the skills you

need to do all but the most advanced repair work on your clarinet.


These videos are the fastest, easiest and best way to learn how to perform basic repairs

and keep your clarinet in optimum playing condition.


Basic Clarinet Repair and Maintenance is a 3 DVD set that includes two and a half hours of video instruction

that will quickly teach you how to do clarinet repairs and maintain your clarinet in top playing condition.

Please click here to see specific subjects covered on each DVD with brief descriptions.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Tom Ridenour’s Basic Clarinet Repair and Maintenance videos

spare you the tedium of reading thousands of words and pouring over diagrams and drawings.

In this three DVD instructional set, Tom teaches you how to keep

your clarinet in top playing condition and adjustment and perform the most

critical clarinet repairs by the tried and trusted learning method of show and tell.

Individual videos are brief but thorough, and limited to a single subject.


In the videos Tom both demonstrates and describes how each operation is done,repeatedly

showing that clarinet repair and maintenance is hardly rocket science, but that the techniques

and skills needed to do competent repair work can be broken down into simple operations---

operations that are easy to understand and master with a little thoughtful practice.


Basic Repair and Maintenance will save you time, money, give you a new sense of mastery

and control over your clarinet and more confidence as a player and teacher.


Repair and Maintenance DVDs

PriceFrom $35.95
  • If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the items you're ordering, please reach out to us by email ( or by phone at 1(888)258-7845. If you're outside of the U.S., please call (469)394-3245.

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