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Jonathan Castellanos Fasaanar
Professional Clarinetist from Alicante, Spain. 

Jonathan plays on; 

*Lyrique AureA Bb Clarinet

*Lyrique AureA A Clarinet 

*Lyrique 925C Low C Bass
*Lyrique Basset A clarinet




Jonathan finished his Music and Stage Arts Degree, Clarinet Speciality, in Spain, at 24 in 2005. Jonathan has played Professionally in the Alicante Simphonic Wind Band since 2008. He won 3rd Prize at AudiMozart International Clarinet Competition (Italy) in 2010, and 2nd Prize in 2012, playing an italian tour with the AudiMozart Wind Quintet in 2013.

Jonathan developed his career studying with some of the best national and international soloists and being a member of the Spanish Youth Orchestra, Alicante Symphony and University of Alicante Filharmonic Orchestra. He has collaborated with the Galicia Symphony Orchestra and Radio&Television Spanish Orchestra. He also continues combining his playing activity as an orchestral and chamber music clarinetist with teaching which he has been doing for 15 years.  

Jonathan's experience performing on Lyrique Clarinets

I was already aware of the Ridenour ATG System which is an amazing and incredibly simple method for reed adjustment, and after reading all of Tom Ridenour's articles about clarinet design and the virtues of hard rubber for making clarinets I was curious to try his Lyrique Clarinet line.

I was happy with my Buffet Tosca Bb/A but i always wanted to have a Basset Clarinet without breaking the bank. At the time Ridenour was selling a limited edition Basset Clarinet in A, so that was my first Lyrique clarinet. I was very impressed from the beginning by the tone quality of the instrument which i still enjoy  today.

A few years later, my set of Toscas and Eb Recital were stolen, so after my very good experience with the Lyrique Basset Clarinet, it seemed like the best moment to invest in a new set of clarinets so I purchased a new Bb Lyrique Libertas and the Lyrique 575A A clarinet.


Since then I have enjoyed playing them a great deal while practicing, while teaching, and in very demanding performances. They simply play easier and offer better response,  resonance, pitch and with a kind of evenness and stability throughout the registers that wood clarinets simply cannot achieve, in my experience, because of wood density variance.

In fact, I was lucky enough to get back my stolen Tosca set (and the Eb) almost a year after the robbery but I simply preferred to play the Lyriques because they work better for me and they make my playing easier as a professional.  I just have way more fun making music with them.


I finally sold the Toscas a few years ago without regret. I also sold my Prestige Bass Clarinet to keep only my Lyrique 925C Bass. I've played professionally using the most popular clarinet brands and models throughout my whole career and they are great instruments. But Tom Ridenour is a genius and a legend when it comes to clarinet design, and thats why i have finally found a clarinet that makes me enjoy playing so much while also providing me the confidence that I can use them in virtually any environment and never have to worry about cracking or warping. 

To get in touch with Jonathan you can use any of the links below;


Instagram: joncast82


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