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Paul Domingo Geliberte


Paul demos the Ridenour Lyrique 576b Clarinet.


Paul Geliberte is a graduate of the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in España Manila, Philippines. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Music major in Clarinet Performance in 2011 at the age of 19. In March 2008, He won 2nd prize at the very first Woodwind competition which was hosted by the UST Conservatory of Music. He also won 2nd Prize at the National Competition for Young Artist (NAMCYA) back in November 2009.

He served as the Principal clarinet of UST Symphony Orchestra and UST Wind Orchestra from 2008 - 2011. He was also the clarinetist of The Manila Philharmonic Orchestra from 2009 - March 2014. Paul also performed as a Flutist, Clarinetist, and Saxophonist in December 2012 (Beauty and the Beast - The Musical) and in December 2013(Snow White - The Musical) both held in Kuala Lumpur Selangor, Malaysia. At present, He is a member of Band 31 Original of Santa Maria Bulacan Inc - Philippines. He also serves as the Band Master of the Operation Brotherhood Montessori Center since 2014.

Why a Ridenour Clarinet?

I’ve been watching Tom’s youtube videos for many years and found them very enlightening. Despite having played numerous professional clarinets but still kept searching for one that truly suited me. I was hesitant to try a Ridenour Lyrique at first but I finally decided to contact Ted Ridenour and ordered my first hard rubber professional clarinet, a Lyrique 576bc, from RCP in January of this year (2021). It arrived quite late, early June (delays because of the the pandemic restrictions), but despite all of that the clarinet required no adjustments upon arrival. I played it out of the box and was amazed. The evenness of the scales, dark round sound it produces, and the very clear throat tones were spot on. I love the mechanism specially the ergonomic register key. Shortly after receiving the Lyrique 576bc I sold my Yamaha Custom CS and I have no regrets. The biggest adjustment has been learning not to compensate by adjustment embouchure and air pressure like I've had to do on other clarinets I've played. I am proud to play and recommend Lyrique clarinets to clarinetist of all ages. They are very well made, affordably priced, and won’t crack.

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