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The ridenour artist bass clarinet mouthpiece comes in only one artist facing, characterize by a long resistance curve that helps create more depth, resonance, and lower overtones in the sound and a medium close tip that facilitates quick response. The facing is fairly free blowing and most players use somewhat heavier strength reeds to achieve the comfort, response and sound they prefer.


The facing itself is a facing taught to me by the renowned mouthpiece maker Everitt Matson, and is what he used in making mouthpieces for many of the top bass clarinet players who came to him. They, like I, recall Everitt's generosity, friendliness, and kindness. He is sorely missed in the clarinet community, for few others have loved clarinet playing more passionately and served it more diligently. But his work continues in those he generously and unreservedly helped to begin mastering the craft he did so well.

Ridenour Professional Bb Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

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