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The Lyrique Noblissima, made of pure, natural hard rubber, is RCP's most recent addition to their clarinet line, and it may be the best value in clarinets that can be found.  Nothing we know of matches it for price and quality.


The Noblissima uses the newest improvements in the mechanism, including improved key finish and plating, the famous Leblanc-style in-line, separate post mounted trill keys, reinforced crow's foot, reinforced key cup arms for the e/b, f/c large pads, metal (not plastic) gravity-style lifts for the left hand pinky levers, a generous thumb rest, and a standard register key.


But best of all, the Noblissima bears the same professional acoustical design of the Lyrique 576bc, which means the Noblissima will have outstanding, professional playing and tuning characteristic, the equal of clarinets costing thousands of dollars more.


The Noblissima comes with a 64mm barrel that will allow the clarinetist to play a pitch range from 440 to 442, and hard shell case.

The Lyrique Noblissima

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